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Privacy and Cookie Policy

As Elit Media Spor, we care about your privacy and security.

In this context, we use cookies to improve your user experience, to ensure that you make the best use of our website and for our purposes written in the KVKK Lighting text below.

As long as you use our website, you are deemed to have accepted the Privacy and Cookie Policy. In this context, it is deemed that you consent to the placement of the cookies in this text on your computer or mobile device.

This text contains detailed information about what a cookie is, the cookies placed on your computer and their purpose, and how you can delete cookies. It has been prepared to inform you about these issues. Because; We recommend that you read the Privacy and Cookie Policy carefully.

1) What is a Cookie?

A cookie is an electronic text file that we place on your computer or mobile device in order to increase your user experience, to realize our data processing purposes in the KVKK Clarification Text and to ensure your security.

Cookies placed on your browser do not allow access to any information on your computer or mobile device and do not endanger the security of your personal information.

2) Placing Cookies and Changing Your Cookie Preference

Internet browsers are usually offered to you in a way that automatically saves cookies. For this reason, cookies can be automatically accepted by the internet browser you use. If you do not want cookies to be saved or if you want to delete them, you can change this preference with other preferences offered to you in the settings of the browser you use.

Cookies enable you to make the most of by remembering your personal preferences on our website. When you block, delete cookies or change your cookie placement preference, you may not be able to use our website or some features.

Cookies are your own data and can be processed anonymously by your browser when no user is logged into our website. Since cookies are kept by your browser, the website is not authorized to manage, change or delete saved cookies. For this reason, the website does not have the title of data controller in terms of cookies.

3) Types of Cookies - What are the Types and Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies are categorized as temporary and mandatory cookies. Both types of cookies are created and stored by your browser when you access our website.

In saved cookies; The traffic data you use, the duration of your visit, your visit hours, your personal preferences and settings, the device used, the operating system, language and browser data are stored for the purpose of being remembered. This data is used to fulfill our legitimate interests such as strengthening the infrastructure of our website, getting to know our potential members better, reaching your personal preferences, remembering your registered user information, providing advertising and promotional services and providing the best user experience.

Types of Cookies;

Temporary cookies; It is created and stored by your browser as soon as you access our website. It is deleted by your browser when you leave our website.

Mandatory cookies; It is created by your browser as soon as you access our website and will continue to be stored in your browser unless you change your cookie preferences.

Mandatory cookies are permanent cookies necessary for you to use our website. Thanks to these cookies, your registered user session and user settings on our website continue to be remembered. When you delete these cookies, your user information will not be remembered, so you cannot use the areas and sections offered only to registered users on our website. Mandatory cookies are used only to remember user information, to ensure the continuation of the session, to verify security and user information. Mandatory cookies are not used for advertising, marketing or any other legitimate purpose.

Types of Cookies;

Cookies Necessary for Developing the Infrastructure:

These cookies are used to determine how users use the website, to improve the infrastructure of the site, to quickly fix the errors encountered by the users, to improve the speed of the website and to close security gaps. Thanks to these cookies, the website works in the most accurate and fast way.

Cookies Required for Personalization:

These cookies are used to remember the personalized preferences of the users on the website. Thanks to these cookies, users can use their personal settings and preferences; If these cookies are deleted, users will not be able to have a personalized user experience as their preferences will not be remembered.

Cookies Necessary for Advertising and Marketing:

These cookies are used to provide special advertisements to users by remembering the personal preferences and behaviors of the users. Thanks to these cookies, users are offered personalized advertisements for goods and services and these advertisements are limited. In addition, the success of advertising and marketing activities is graded.

Changes and Final Provisions on Privacy and Cookie Policy

Confidentiality and Cookie Policy is regulated within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the provisions of the secondary legislation. This policy has been prepared in accordance with the KVKK Clarification Text and the User Agreement on our website.

Privacy and Cookie Policy; The provisions of the KVKK Enlightenment Text are valid for matters not written in this text, which are in the nature of an annex to the KVKK Enlightenment Text.

The website has the right to change the Policy whenever it deems necessary. You can reach the current version of the text from the relevant area on our website

For your requests and questions regarding this text, you can contact us at

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